Airborne Environmental provides two services;

1. Inspections
2. Testing.

Though it is not always necessary to do both, it is usually recommended for the following reasons:

1. In some cases, an air test might reveal a high indoor spore count even though there is no visible evidence of mold. In this can, the inspection alone would not detect a mold problem even though one exists.

2. Conversely, a visual inspection may turn up evidence of surface mold even though an air test might show spore counts well within a normal range. In this case, the air test alone would not reveal a mold problem even though one exists.

The combination of a visual inspection and an air test is optimal for assessing mold conditions since one typically points to the other.


An inspection is a visual inspection of the property, inside and out, for evidence of mold and signs of water intrusion. The Visual Inspection reveals obvious molds on surfaces and helps determine hidden mold problems that may go unnoticed to an un-trained eye. A visual inspection can also uncover existing and potential moisture problems in construction materials. Wet or damp wood, drywall, and even concrete may not be a mold problem now, but will be if ignored. Airborne Environmental Consultants uses specialized electronic equipment to detect moisture levels of construction materials such as stucco, wood siding, plaster, drywall, cabinets, shower stalls and floors.


We are now offering a new service for anyone who wants limited information regarding moisture prevention  assessment ; mold assessment.

  1. Visual inspection inside the house for moisture intrusion or mold.
  2. Analytical tests in areas where mold samples are taken.  Humidity, temperature, and measurements..
  3. First air sample with outdoors for comparison of air indoors.
  4. If there are visible areas of suspected mold, we will take 2-3 tape lift from areas.


  • Mold assessment report of finding
  • Management Plan
  • Post Remediation Verification:
  • Visual inspection with no air sample $200.00 to $350.00
  • Cost per mileage $0.50 each way


Commercial Property add $100.00


We believe that a limited survey of this nature will allow residential home owner’s , real estate agents, insurance adjustors , property managers, and lenders to identify if mold problem exists and whether a full investigation is warranted.